Root Canal

Root Canal Visalia When you need a root canal in Visalia, come to family dentist, Dr. Diana Rangel. Even if you’re not sure you need a root canal, Dr. Rangel and her team will consult with you and see if you show signs that warrant a root canal, such as:

  • Minimal to severe pain
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swelling and irritation in the surrounding gum tissue
  • Signs of infection visible on a radiograph

A root canal can help save your tooth, and is a procedure that involves tooth disinfection and the removal of all debris (nerve tissue, lymph tissue, blood tissue, bacteria and infection) from the coronal pulp chamber and its associated canals. Once an affected tooth’s canals are sufficiently cleansed and shaped, they are filled with materials designed to prevent pain and infection from recurring. Family dentist, Dr. Rangel, is well experienced in root canals, and other dental services. She is happy to serve the community of Visalia.

Smiles are Contagious, and we look forward to helping you show your smile to everyone you meet! Contact us online or call 559-732-2394 today to schedule a root canal consultation or appointment with Visalia’s own family dentist, Dr. Rangel. We are located at 518 N Court Street, Suite C, Visalia, CA 93291.

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