General Dentists Tulare

General Dentists Tulare

Are you seeking a reliable general dentist in Tulare with many years under their belt? Dr. Rangel is the way to go. Educated, trained and working in South American since the 1980’s, Dr. Rangel has devoted herself to dentistry since she arrived. She operated in Columbia for nearly a decade before moving to the United States in 1993; this is where she expanded upon her education and experience.

Dr. Rangel is a general dentist, who works in the Tulare community clinic; however, she also specializes in restoration and cosmetic dental services. She is a renowned orthodontist with her own private dental clinic in Visalia. Where she provides excellent dental services to anyone who walks through the door.

Dr. Rangel specializes in many different fields – she thrives in periodontal and cosmetic dentistry, but is also experienced in root canals, dental crowns and implants, teeth whitening, imaging, fillings, cleanings, porcelain veneers, and preventive maintenance. Dr. Rangel is a one-stop shop that will provide a plethora of services. There is no need to book multiple appointments across the county; Dr.

Rangel can take care of everything for you. Your new general dentist is waiting for you in Tulare, where she can provide services for the entire family.

We look forward to bringing out your beautiful smile with the services we provide. Dr. Rangel will do it all, with a smile on her face – after all smiling is contagious.